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Herc- Digital Music Producer-Poet.  Making beats and electronic music.  Based in Hackney ,London UK.  I am known through ITunes, Radio Airplay, Spotify, Podomatic and other digital streaming mediums.  The poetry aspect of me has been around since my childhood with a very elderly neighbour at the time, called Polly giving me a hardback book of 100 nursery rhymes for Christmas.  I was around maybe 5 years old. Maybe 10 years :) I wont forget one particular rhyme.. The Owl and the Pussy Cat.  Don't know why but I just loved that one and still like it now.  These nursery rhymes set my path towards being a poet as an adult.  Thank you Polly. XXX. 


Much of my writing is inspired through conversations which I have had with different people.  Sometimes the inspiration comes from my own personal feelings or experience.  You'd be surprised.  The most recent poetry piece,  Freedom Lnd was inspired  by my reminiscing  about old Barry White songs.  He very often started a song with a narrative.  Usually quite romantic and then he'd burst into song.  I'm no Barry White but hopefully you can hear the inspiration.

I have also just released a 12 track album called,  The Shady Ones.  It's available to stream at various digital outlets such as Spotify,  iTunes, Amazon,  Google play.  Search for Herc and you will find my music.

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